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La Jugada cigars

Game on! MoyaRuiz Cigars are the creators of the La Jugada & The Rake brands, a new boutique lineup that’s taking the world by storm. Rooted in southern Florida’s “cigar capitol of the world”, MoyaRuiz is inspired by the love of the game. It’s the finishing move in a dominos match, the winning home run in the World Series, or the unheard-of royal flush in a game of Texas hold ‘em. With the unprecedented success of MoyaRuiz’s first two releases, La Jugada Prieto, La Jugada Habano, as well as the new La Jugada Claro, IL Ridotto, and The Rake, MoyaRuiz Cigars have established themselves as a cigar brand that simply doesn’t compromise on quality or flavor. Moya Ruiz also produces some of the most popular limited and special edition cigars on the market such as the Nunchuck, Chinese Finger Trap, Pickle Juice, and Civil Disobedience.

La Jugada Prieto cigars
La Jugada Habano cigars
MoyaRuiz The Rake Plaque
La Jugada Claro cigar

Now Available

Civil Disobedience T-Shirts are now in stock! Show your stance on the recent FDA ruling and let ’em know you won’t go down without a fight!